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'Let's not build society that rids people deemed not worthy'

Every life has value says pope on Lambert

Every life has value, Pope Francis said Thursday after the death of Vincent Lambert,a French tetraplegic in a vegetative state who was taken off life support by judicial order earlier this week.

Amid Lambert case in France

Pray for those left to die - pope

Pope Francis on Wednesday urged the faithful to pray for those who are left to die amid the case of French tetraplegic Vincent Lambert for whom judges have ordered the suspension of feeding and hydration.

No one can shirk form helping them says at commemorative Mass

Migrants people not social issue says pope

Migrants are people and not a social issue, Pope Francis said Monday.

Don't exclude anyone says in video message

World ever more cruel to migrants - pope

The world is ever more cruel towards migrants, Pope Francis said in a video message ahead of World Migrant and Refugee Day on September 29.

Prominent Anglican convert to Catholicism

Pope to make Cardinal Newman a saint on Oct 13

Pope Francis will make Carinal John Henry Newman, a Catholic convert from Anglicism and one of the most influential English churchmen of the 19th century, a saint on October 13, the Vatican announced on Monday.

On 6th anniversary of visit to Lampedusa

Pope Mass for migrants, rescuers July 7

Pope Francis will say a Mass in St Peter's July 7 marking the sixth anniversary of his historic visit to Lampedusa, the Vatican press office said Monday. The Mass for Migrants will begin at 11:00, said press office chief Alessandro Gisotti.

Gurk hit by scandal involving woman, financial affairs

Pope Francis puts Austria abuse diocese into administration

Pope Francis on Friday put an Austrian diocese hit in recent years by sex abuse and financial scandals into administration. The pope appointed Mons. Werner Freistetter, a military bishop, as apostolic administrator of the diocese of Gurk.

Confront issues that are fruit of greed

Be missionaries of compassion Pope tells Stella Maris group

Vatican City, Pope Francis on Thursday met with National Directors, Chaplains and volunteers from the Stella Maris Apostolate telling them to be missionaries of compassion and to confront issues that are the fruit of human greed; Vatican News reported.

Deeply pained by their deaths says Vatican

Pope 'huge' sadness over dead dad, girl

The Vatican said Wednesday Pope Francis had "seen with immense sadness, the image of the father and his daughter who drowned in the Rio Grande while they were trying to cross the border between Mexico and the United States".

Non-stop media pillory agst me says Msgr Francesco Cavina

Carpi bishop quits

Pope Francis on Wednesday accepted the resignation of the bishop of Carpi near Modena, Msgr Francesco Cavina. Francis appointed Msgr Erio Castellucci, metropolitan bishop of Modena-Nonantola, to run the diocese.

In Canada

Pope removes bishop who let nun say wedding

Pope Francis on Tuesday accepted the resignation of a Canadian bishop who allowed a nun to celebrate a wedding two years ago. Msgr Dorylas Moreau let Sister Pierrette Thiffault lead the wedding service in the diocese of Rouyn-Noranda in 2017.

Universiade 2019

Universiade challenge goes on - Basile

Goal is to maintain newly renovated sporting venues


Universiade was safe-police chief

Everyone should be proud of outcome says Gabrielli


Conte eyes more events after Universiade

We won't stop at ATP Finals and 2016 Olympics says premier