Soccer: Giampaolo announced as Milan boss

TopNews. Marco Giampaolo was officially announced Wednesday as AC Milan's new coach, signing a two-year contract until June 30, 2021. Giampaolo will take charge of his first training session on July 9, the Rossoneri said.

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'Beyond all scandals'

Holy Spirit sustains Church says Pope

The Holy Spirit sustains the Catholic Church "beyond all scandals", Pope Francis told his weekly general audience in a sunny St Peter's Square Wednesday. He said the Spirit "makes the Church grow helping it to go beyond human limits, sins and any scandals".

'Prolonging life risks lengthening co-existence with illness'

Disconcerting effects with biomedicine - Vatican

Biomedicine can have "decidedly disconcerting" effects in chronic illness, the head of the Pontifical Academy for Life, Msgr Vincenzo Paglia, said Tuesday.

St Peter's

'Emergency' must be reversed, Francis tells summit

Time running out on climate crisis says Pope

Time is running out to try to stop climate change, Pope Francis said Friday. Francis met with participants attending a summit entitled, "The Vatican Dialogues: The Energy Transition and Care for our Common Home", according to Vatican News.

No to child labour says Francis

Don't steal kids' dreams tweets Pope

Pope Francis tweeted Wednesday, on world day against child labour, that "as adults we cannot steal children's capacity to dream.

'Destroying life is not legitimate'

Life is sacred,defended since conception

Pope Francis on Wednesday told his weekly General Audience that life is sacred and must be defended since conception. "Life is sacred because it is God's gift", the pontiff said.

Universiade 2019

Universiade: volunteer training continues

Weekend course for reception, communications and accreditation


Universiade: De Magistris pleased with government presence

Says international event can bring prestige to country