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Bishops blind says Cupich, silent victims suffer says Bassetti

2nd day of historic Vatican sex abuse summit opens

The second day of a historic Vatican summit on clerical sex abuse, involving bishops from all over the world, opened on Friday.

God help us to take on guilt, find concrete answers

Stop temptation to save ourselves on abuse Pope tweets

Pope Francis tweeted Friday, the second day of the Vatican's historic sex abuse summit, "Lord, free us from the temptation to want to save ourselves, our reputation; help us take on the burden of the guilt and together seek humble and concrete answers in c...

Pedophilia victims to talk to pontiff before meeting on minors

Abuse victims to demand zero tolerance from pope

An association representing the victims of sexual abuse by members of the clergy said Wednesday that they will demand Pope Francis has zero tolerance for pedophiles in a encounter with him before a three-day meeting in the Vatican on the protection of minors.

Francis stresses that defects must be reported

Friends of Devil spend life accusing Church - pope

Francis stresses that defects must be reported.

Universiade 2019


Universiade: Mondo awarded contract

Multinational that renovated Juventus stadium and Dacia Arena


Universiade: Caserta unveils line-up

Unique opportunity for lasting model community, says mayor


Universiade: Naples Rugby Sevens is taking place

At same field hosting July tournament. Italy are 'team to beat'