- 26 nov.- 14:30

Leveraging Its Mobile ID, IDEMIA Brings Digital Travel Credentials to Life

Business Wire.
  • During the November International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) virtual conference, IDEMIA, the global leader in augmented identity and security solutions, presented, with a major airline company, its Digital Travel Credentials (DTC) demonstrator - latest digital ID generation enhancing passenger experience.
  • Digital Travel Credentials complement ePassports by reliably confirming passenger identity and providing a more digital and smoother passenger experience.
  • IDEMIA demonstrates its leadership and delivers its DTC Versions 1 and 2 that turn smartphones into travel documents making passage through airports and eGates faster and more convenient.
  • IDEMIA’s groundbreaking innovation reinforces its digital ID portfolio and paves the way for a future ICAO standard covering use of smartphones and other connected devices.
- 26 nov.- 05:00

Abionic Launches First Covid-19 Severity Test to Triage Patients Quickly and Accurately

Business Wire.
  • Within minutes of analysing a blood sample, test offers medical criteria of Covid-19 severity and likelihood of clinical deterioration
  • Continuous monitoring provides healthcare practitioners with the right tool to decide whether Covid-19 patients should be assigned to general wards, intensive care units or be discharged from the hospital, preventing overload at hospitals
- 26 nov.- 05:00

Abionic lancia il primo test di gravità del Covid-19 per facilitare il triage dei pazienti

Business Wire.
  • Entro pochi minuti dall'analisi di un campione di sangue, il punteggio cSOFA offre criteri medici di gravità del Covid-19 e di probabilità di deterioramento clinico
  • Il monitoraggio continuo del punteggio cSOFA consente ai medici sanitari con il giusto strumento di decidere se i pazienti Covid-19 debbano essere assegnati ai reparti generali, alle unità di terapia intensiva o essere dimessi dall'ospedale, evitando il sovraccarico degli ospedali.
  • Le future modifiche del punteggio cSOFA possono servire come misure di gravità per altre malattie infiammatorie

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