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Expo 2020 Dubai celebrates Italian music

Noemi among stars at Millennium Amphitheatre

Redazione ANSA ROME

(ANSA) - ROME, DEC 22 - Expo 2020 Dubai celebrated Italian music on Tuesday with a concert featuring some of the country's best upcoming talent and top pop star Noemi.
    The show featuring the finalists of Sanremo Giovani, the youth section of the much-loved Sanremo Song Festival/Contest, took place at the Millennium Amphitheatre at the World Fair.
    Entitled "Sanremo Giovani World Tour 2021 featuring Noemi", the concert enabled music lovers to enjoy the hits of Noemi, Davide Shorty, Folcast and Wrongonyou and classics by Modugno, Battiato and Pino Daniele.
    "Being at Expo 2020 is an incredible experience because I think Dubai is one of the strangest and most fascinating cities in the world," said Noemi.
    "And it is nice to be able to export our culture and our music".


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