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Italy making quantum leap with UAE at Expo - Amb. Lener

Event chance to present innovation, overcome misunderstandings

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(By Stefano Intreccialagli) (ANSA) - DUBAI, DEC 24 - Expo 2020 Dubai is a chance for Italy to change the narrative about itself and show that it is not just a land of culture and art, but also, and above all, a place of innovation and technology, Italy's Ambassador to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Nicola Lener told ANSA in an interview.
    The World Fair is also an opportunity for a "quantum leap" in bilateral relations with the UAE, going beyond misunderstandings of the past and looking to a future of cooperation in strategic sectors such as defence and areas such as technology, mechatronics and robotics, Lener said. .
    "Italy's participation at Expo has double value," he said.
    "The Italian pavilion presents an updated idea of Italy as a country that is not just a great player in the cultural sphere with a great history, but also a major producer of innovation and technology.
    "A Nation Branding campaign that we are about to launch in the Emirates goes in this direction.
    "It aims to promote an updated image of Italy and the values our country focuses on in order to relaunch our economy and society after the pandemic.
    "It is an image based on creativity, innovation and passion, on strong values and, above all, on innovation and technology, which bring us very close to the Emirates. "On the bilateral level, we expect Expo to be a quantum leap in the quantity and quality of our relations with the Emirates.
    "Until the end of March the event will continue to spur relations with the Emirati authorities, companies and research centres which will bear fruit in the following months and years.
    "On the economic level, the Emirates are one of our top export markets.
    "Italy is also focusing a great deal on Dubai as a trade-fair pole in order to further develop our presence in the vast MENASA area".
    He said Expo had provided the platform to illustrate cooperation opportunities in sectors such as food, construction, green technology, mechanical engineering and industry 4.0.
    "Highly interesting relations have been developed during these occasions and there will be others," Lener said. (ANSA).


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