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Govts must be at fore of digital transformation-UAE Minister

Change of mentality needed at all levels says Al Roumy

Redazione ANSA DUBAI

(ANSA) - DUBAI, 12 GEN - United Arab Emirates Minister for Government Development and the Future Ohood Bint Khalfan Al Roumy has stressed the need for governments to be at the fore of the digital transformation during an event at the Italy Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.
    "A successful digital transformation requires governments to be on the front line," Al Roumy told a forum on digitalization and new skills organized by TIM as part of the 'Travel and Connectivity Week' at the World Fair.
    "So it is necessary to have a digital mentality that starts from the government itself, when it legislates, and goes all the way to the civil servants, who must have the digital skills to unshackle themselves in the face of this challenge.
    "We need to redefine professions between now and 2050.
    "New digital transformation measures must be put into practice and government leaders are the first ones who need to realise the importance of the digital (sphere). "Technology will evolve towards the needs of users, with increasingly customized services.
    "The skills required by the world of work will change too.
    "And this will create opportunities for firms, governments and for ordinary people.
    "We expect a highly significant increase in investments in technology in 2023 in order to simplify people's lives," added the UEA minister.
    "We started thinking about these investments many years ago in the United Arab Emirates when there was no significant reason to do so.
    "So we had an advantage with services during the COVID emergency, precisely because we understood the importance of the digital sphere, seeking a balance, investing in new technologies and the training of citizens.
    "Thanks to public and private collaborations, we have reduced the number of client visits to information centres and saved two million dollars in public expenditure". (ANSA).


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