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Expo:Giovannini shows 100-bn sustainable infrastructure plan

Minister takes part in forum at Italy Pavilion

Redazione ANSA ROME

(ANSA) - ROME, JAN 19 - Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility Minister Enrico Giovannini said Italy has big plans to make the future Green as he took part in a forum at the Italy Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.
    The minister announced a 100-billion-euro sustainable infrastructure plan at the forum, A Shared Sustainable Recovery Based on the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) - organised with the European Union and ASviS (Italian Alliance for Sustainable Development).
    "This Friday we will present the new framework for the planning, assessment and implementation of infrastructure in Italy," Giovannini said.
    "We will develop a points system to assess every investment on the basis of sustainability.
    "In total we will have over 100 million euros in the next 10 years to really change the way in which the infrastructure and mobility system is implemented in Italy, via sustainability.
    "In Italy we are trying to change the course of our policies through systemic changes," he added.
    "Firstly, by amending the Constitution. It's a proposal we have tabled together with ASviS". (ANSA).


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