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Expo Dubai:Invest in sustainable infrastructure says Milan

Show responsibility towards the future says Rossoneri CEO

Redazione ANSA ROME

(ANSA) - ROME, FEB 3 - Italy and the world must invest in sustainable infrastructure in the future of sport, AC Milan CEO Ivan Gazidis said at the Italian pavilion at the world's fair.
    Clubs, institutions and businesses must show responsibility towards the future of the sporting world, said the Rossoneri CEO.
    Soccer is not just a business like others and is linked to social, cultural and economic aspects, Gazidis said.
    In designing the stadia of the future, this mixture must be reflected, he said.
    "Investing in sustainable stadia is an important issue for football today," he said.
    "It is for the new generations and because we have responsibilities as a sporting company.
    "But before we talk of infrastructure, we must speak of financial sustainability and still more of business; in soccer there are cultural and social aspects to be considered "There is the theme of cultural sustainability, because football must remain culturally relevant for the generations of fans of the future". (ANSA).


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