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250 mn to face water scarcity in 15 years, UfM

'Threatening scenarios in Med', Mastrojeni tells Expo Dubai

Redazione ANSA

(ANSAmed) - DUBAI, MARCH 23 - "Threatening scenarios" have been forecast in the Mediterranean area due to climate change, Grammenos Mastrojeni, vice secretary adjunct of the Union for the Mediterranean, told the forum "Two oceans, one challenge", organized at the Italian pavilion of Expo 2020 Dubai. He said that "250 million people will experience water scarcity in 15 years, and the rising sea level is expected to reach up to a meter by the end of the century" and "20 centimetres in just 15 years".
    Faced with these threats, "I have a key word: together", noted Mastrojeni. "Science tells us that such major change implies that nobody has the means to adapt on their own. We need one another. The European Union wants to become Co2 neutral by 2050, but it is literally impossible without the collaboration of other countries in the region", he stressed. (ANSAmed).


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